Make Money Online Captioning Videos

CaptioningHave you checked out Sheeroh Kiarie’s post on Transcription ? If you haven’t please check it out because captioning is a “blood relative” to transcription.

Transcription is a fun and cool way to make money online, but when audio or videos are transcribed, on most occasions the task is halfway done. Transcription has a sister service – Captioning. Captioning is taking already prepared transcripts and creating captions for videos.

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Questions Every Freelancer Asks

Questions Every Freelancer AsksWorking online is gaining popularity at an alarming rate and it is here to stay. Many times I get loads and loads of questions from people who want to get onto the bandwagon of freelancing, others are just curious how I make money online (they tend to have very many questions) and those who need help with their freelancing career. Freelancing online is awesome but one needs to ask some few questions before embarking on a full time or part time freelancing career. In this blog post I will dwell on the most commonly asked questions.

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How to Avoid Bad Clients on Freelancing Websites

avoid bad clientsHave you ever been deceived by a client? Well, you are lucky if you have not been. I have been cheated but luckily the contract was worth so little, I did not see the need to follow up. To avoid being duped, it is vital that you know that bad clients do exist on oDesk or any other freelancing websites . To be able to separate good clients from “bad clients” it is important that within the shortest time possible you research the client before applying for any job. There is a lot you can tell about a client by researching them and in return you will avoid bad clients.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Freelancing Today

Start Freelancing TodayWhat is your idea of a great job? Think of it and find your answers with online freelancing. When the Fear of the Unknown comes into play, your mind can play lots of tricks on you but freelancing is not only easy because you get to do what you love, but because you do it at your own convenience and where you want to do it. In this blog post I will give you my five reasons (and should be yours too) as to why you should Start Freelancing Today and they are the same reasons I jumped into freelancing.

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How to Make Money Online as a Translator

Make Money Online as a TranslatorIn this blog post I will help you learn how easy it is to make money online as a translator, but let me tell you a story to begin. I never thought that my Elementary (Primary) and Secondary School Swahili would come in handy one day and make me some quick money online, but it did. This happened to me on one of my freelancing video gigs on Odesk. My job was simple and direct, to add English subtitles to a 5 minute video (Transcript was supplied).

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